SpaceUp LIVE – #PreparingForSpace

SpaceUp LIVE is an online version of the global “space unconference” SpaceUp. It is a brilliant way to spend time with collaborators all over the world, without leaving your home, sharing your passion for space.

Join us again for another edition of SpaceUp LIVE! Our theme will be about #PreparingForSpace, so stay tuned for further announcements.

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The event will be online on Thursday 1 April 2021, from 17:00 to 20:00 BST (18:00-21:00 CET, 12pm-3pm EDT)

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How does it work?

Everyone who registers for SpaceUp LIVE is encouraged to give a talk or start a discussion in a live conference call. We bring together your submissions and amend the grid to moderate the best selections, which are posted to the “grid”.
Those who register will be able to join the Q&A to directly interact with us at the end of each session. Viewers who join our Q&A will also be able to ask questions.

Key dates (subject to change):

  • 1st February: Registration opens
  • 1st March: Call for proposals opens
  • 18th March 26th March: Call for proposals closes
  • 22nd March 28th March: We let successful applicants know if they will present.
  • 29th March 31st March: Deadline to send final presentation (T-5 or grid session talk)
  • 1st April: SpaceUp LIVE #PreparingForSpace

What if I don’t want to present?

Of course you are invited to do a talk at this event, but you do not have to. The event will be streamed to YouTube Live for anyone who just wants to listen in. Of course you can still participate in the networking and informal talk using the chat function in You Tube!

YouTube Live Link

You can watch the event live via this link (event will start on 1 April 2021 at 17:00 BST/18:00 CET):



Headshot 2019 DesertPreserve warm

Loretta Whitesides – SpaceKind Founder, Yuri’s Night co-creator, future Astronaut, former Zero-G Flight Director, deep ocean explorer (@LorettaWhtsides)

Loretta Whitesides is a space explorer with a passion for Earth. She trained as an astrobiologist, and loves connecting people and reminding people that the impossible is just something that hasn’t happened yet.

She is the author of “The New Right Stuff: Using Space to Bring Out the Best in You”, co-founder of global space party Yuri’s Night, founder astronaut with Virgin Galactic and creator of SpaceKind leadership training.

Loretta is going to space, and she wants you and me to go, too. So: Want to take a ride?

Sponsor Speaker

Agnieszka Iwanczuk Portrait HE Space

Agnieszka Iwanczuk – Senior Recruiter, HE Space (@HE_Space) 

Agnieszka (Aga) enjoys working with and for people and is highly capable of understanding their needs. She is a good team player who enjoys building and maintaining relationships. 

She joined HE Space in November 2014 and brings deep experience in international recruitment and human resources. Aga studied Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism Management and Clinical Psychology. 

Her expertise lies in the fields of candidate sourcing and preparing the candidates for their job interviews with our customers. 

Panel discussion - Preparing for Space

This panel will explore how satellites, rovers and humans are prepared for space exploration. We will touch on the following areas of ground-based preparations for space including mission design, testing, in-situ/on-Earth, operations, qualification, testing, astronaut training and launch.

Hannah Bilby, Industrial Placement Mechanical Engineer, RAL Space

Hannah is a placement student working within the Dynamic Testing team at RAL Space, between her 3rd and 4th year studying Mechanical engineering at Lancaster University, conducting Pyroshock and Vibration testing on spacecraft modules and components. As part of the team, she is working to develop testing capabilities, and monitor accuracy of machinery and accelerometers used during simulations of the launch and operational environments of spacecraft. As an Engineering Ambassador at university, she was able to contribute to the enjoyment of science by school pupils, and as a new STEM Ambassador, she hopes to continue encouraging younger students to continue looking to the stars.

Olivia Haider - Board Member and Head of Social Media, Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) (@Olidax @oewf)

Born 1975, college of education (primary school teacher), applied informatics at the Management Center Innsbruck. International Space University Space Studies Program 2009, NASA Ames. Coordination IT-Services for Outreach & Education Division of LunarSat project. OeWF board member and head of social media team of the OeWF. Currently product manager at an Austrian health company. Participated in 5 Mars analogue mission. Field crew member of the AMADEE-18 mission in Oman.

Thomas Ormston – Sentinel-1 Spacecraft Operations Engineer, European Space Agency (@ThomasOrmston)

Thomas Ormston is Deputy Spacecraft Operations Manager of the Sentinel-1 mission at the European Space Agency’s European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany. He graduated in 2005 from the University of Birmingham with an MSci Physics and Space Research. From there he joined the Mars Express Flight Control Team at ESOC with responsibilities including the power, thermal and communications subsystems. On Mars Express Thomas was also responsible for the creation of the Mars Webcam project and was heavily involved in Mars Express support to the NASA JPL mars rovers. Since November 2012, Thomas has been operating satellites for ESA’s Earth Observation programme, including flying the Earth Explorer CryoSat-2 and preparing operations for the flight of EarthCARE. Most recently, Thomas has been appointed Deputy Spacecraft Operations Manager of the Sentinel-1 mission with primary responsibility for the two flying Sentinel-1 satellites that form a cornerstone of the Copernicus programme aimed at providing free and open data to all about our planet to solve some of the toughest challenges facing us today

John Chinner – Faculty Leader, Airbus Defence and Space Engineering Academy (@JohnChinner)

John Chinner has a great passion to stimulate, educate and inspire as many young people into STEM careers as possible. Being a self-confessed space geek really helps with this. He currently works for Airbus Defence and Space Engineering Academy as the Faculty Leader for Electronics, Electrics, Electromagnetics, Optics and Optronics.

His passion for STEM outreach started when he Joined Airbus in 2010. This really took off when Tim Peake’s selection as an ESA astronaut came around where he supported the outreach side of the Principia mission. He was also part of the Astro Pi team, where he conducted the shock, vibration and EMC tests on the two payloads at Airbus in Portsmouth before they were sent to space. He is currently focusing his outreach activities on the ExoMars rover launch in 2020. This has resulted in him building the functional model Yuri 3 rover. He will often get the students to drive the rover remotely form another room, simulating the excitement of the search for life on Mars. It’s this stimulation and interaction that he believes makes a real difference.


Grid sessions

  1. Kartik Kumar, satsearch (@karkum84 @satsearchco) – “Space for Equality and Inclusion”
  2. Dame Commander Dr. Susan Ip-Jewell MD, MMAARS (Mars-Moon Astronautics Academy and Research Sciences) (@DrjewellMD)– “MMAARS Mars-Moon Astronautics Academy and Research Sciences: training NextGen Analog Astronauts to become the Super SpaceHeroes”


  1. Charlie Bilsland, Powering Space (@CharlieBilsland @poweringspace) – “What is Powering Space?-Learn more about the Powering Space Community, and the Impulse conference”
  2. Vicky Duncalf, President of Space Tourism Society UK chapter (@VickyVideo_)– “In-space transportation”
  3. Nischal Chand, Aerospace Engineer – “New Moon Rover Concept”


Sponsor - HE Space (@HE_Space)

HE Space is a personnel service provider and human resources company specialised in the international space sector for nearly 40 years 

Are you as passionate about space like we are? Exciting jobs in the space industry all over Europe are waiting for you! The HE Space recruiting team does the matchmaking between you and notable players like ESA, ArianeGroup, Airbus Defence and Space, EUMETSAT, and DLR.  

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Organiser – R&R Space (@randrspace @spaceupleics)

It is the mission of R&R Space to push the boundaries of space technology and innovation by engaging people and ideas. We achieve this through new and exciting concept events and training. It is our aim to inspire a new wave of entrepreneurs and space explorers by unlocking their potential and linking them with new skills to build the future of space. R&R Space is founded by two space enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs, Ryan Laird (@rjmlaird) and Ryan Bradley-Evans (@astro_ryanbe) who share a common vision of humanity’s place in space. R&R Space are the organisers of SpaceUp Leicester. They use SpaceUp as a means to start the discussion around the topic of space, building a sense of community and a hub in the region for this growing industry. The aim is to spark some creative ideas that could lead on to future projects and activities in the region and beyond.