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After a successful SpaceUp London 2017, we are proud to announce SpaceUp London 2018. On Saturday the 9th of June and Sunday the 10th of June, people interested in space will be brought together to discuss, present and learn about space with other students, professionals and space players. Our theme for the day is ‘Your Place in Space‘ and we’re really excited about it! We’ll have keynote speakers, T-5 presentations and breakout grid sessions where participants can network and share their ideas. Find us on Facebook! So how does it work? It’s not a scary thing, really. There will be some presentations, grid sessions, T-5 talks, workshop, lunch and lots of nice people to talk to. But what is this grid session business? And what about the T-5 talks? The grid sessions are different sessions happening at the same time in two different rooms. They will be organised in a session grid which will start out empty, then fill up during the day. The sessions will last 15 minutes, and all participants are welcome to put up an idea on the session grid board and hold a session. The T-5 talks are planned presentations lasting 5 minutes each. If you want to know more about the grid sessions, T-5 talks or the unconference in general, check out the How It Works page.

Space Up London 2018 is proudly supported by the Planetary Society and the Kings College London Space Society.

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